Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hanging up my boots

Its almost an year, since I wrote my first post on this blog on security. I have written mostly random stuff on various topics that I felt writing about. Most of my posts have been spontaneous. Some of them have pertained to security, some on hacking, while others on vulnerabilities and general security issues.

Lately, I havent been able to devote the time I want to write this blog. Since a past few weeks, my posts have been sporadic. I have been busy with some of the other things that I have just begun working on. One of those is Mandarin. I have started learning Mandarin.

I am grateful to you folks for regularly visiting my site for my postings. I am NOT shutting this blog down. I still receive tons of searches referrals on this blog from people searching for stuff like "crack Wifi", "how to save mms" etc. I am just setting your expectation, that I might write stuff less frequently here. I will still write an occasional post or two whenever there is something compelling enough.

Thanks to all of you for being my loyal readers. Adios. zaijian (good bye in Mandarin).

ps: I still continue to write my other blog, titled "Notes on Tech".

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