Sunday, August 21, 2005

WiFi enabled Mobile Pocket PC = free phone calls

Just got an idea.. If there existed a mobile Pocket PC device that was WiFi capable, then you could make free phone calls to pretty much anyone in the world.

The other person would have to have Skype installed on his/her device or PC as well. You would have to install the Pocket PC version of Skype on your device and then could use it to make free phone calls to other Skype users, on their mobile devices or PC's. You would have to get an unlimited data plan from your carrier and reduce your monthly voice plan to a bare minimum. Once you have the unlimited data plan, there are no per call charges anymore. You just pay a flat fees, whether you make phone calls or not.

It could revolutionize the way the telecom industry works. But the question is, will the carriers allow the device manufacturers like HP etc to add WiFi capabilities to the mobile devices?

I like the idea, what about you?

This good post opened a can of research worms on my end. As I read this I questioned myself on the true mobility aspect (read seamless handoff across WiFi APs) as a challenge to reckon with for VoWiFi. However, progres has been made since 2004 on the handoff front reducing the latency and dropped packets - SyncScan, SIPQuest to point to a few. With cities across the world starting to get blanketed in WiFi, this shall be crucial. However, as of May 2005, Rio Rancho, N.M's WiFi cloud supports mobile calls as you zip by at 55 mph -,1759,1812928,00.asp
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