Sunday, August 14, 2005

Site of the day - is a plagiarism detector. Its a site used by educators and instructors to detect plagiarism in student papers. Turnitin visits sites for content and then matches up the content with student submissions to detect whether the submission was original or "inspired" from online sources.

According to
Plagiarism has never been easier than it is today. Before the Internet, cheating was labor-intensive and obvious. Potential plagiarists had to find appropriate works from a limited pool of resources, usually a nearby library, and copy them by hand. Since these resources were almost always professionally written, the risk of detection was very high.

The Internet now makes it easy to find thousands of relevant sources in seconds, and in the space of a short time plagiarists can find, copy, and paste together a term paper, article, or even a book. Because the material online is produced by writers of varying levels of quality and professionalism, it is often difficult or impossible for educators and editors to identify plagiarism.
So sites like Turnitin help detect IP (intellectual property) theft by detecting plagiarised material.

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