Thursday, August 18, 2005

Linksys NSLU

So I bought a couple of 200 GB hard drives (these are so cheap these days. You can buy a 200 GB hard disk for around $70) and was on the look out for a network storage solution. Found the NSLU2 to be a good candidate, both for network storage as well as to hack it to install custom linux and make it work as a web server. So basically you plug this directly into your ethernet port and voila, storage is available to anyone who has access to that network. You can access this from your desktop, laptop or even your PDA if it has wifi, or some networking option. This is the cheapest way to add network storage solution to your home.

I guess, I am a little late to the NSLU party, going on here and here, but it will be fun nonetheless.

Just cannot wait for it to get delivered. Havent hacked up a device since a long time now !!!!

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