Sunday, July 10, 2005

Gentoo on my new server

About a month ago, I bought a second hand server from craigslist. Nothing fancy, just a dual proc 1 GHz box with 1 GB RAM and other usual stuff. Last week I tried to install Fedora RC 4 onto it. But right after the installation, when the OS tried to boot for the first time, it would hang midway. Both the keyboard and the mouse would freeze. I tried reinstalling Fedora a couple of times before finally giving up and restarting my search for a Linux distro (I even downloaded Solaris 10, but didnt end up using it).

I settled on Gentoo after reading a couple of reviews. The power of Gentoo is the flexibility it offers the user to select and choose whatever the user wants to install, without forcing it down the users throat like some other friendlier distros. Aah, finally I can install some package with full control of what goes along with it. Ofcourse, this means that the installation goes a lot slower and is a much more conscious effort for the user. Gentoo forces the user to choose each option along the installation path. The documentation that came along, explains why we need to do what we need to do and gives some fundamental knowledge about the same.

I'll probably post a review once I am done installing it. So far so good.

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