Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Airlink wifi router with WPA for cheap

I just ordered the Airlink AR315W wifi router + the USB adapter for my desktop. The router was selling for $19.99 and the usb adapter for $14.99 on Fry's Outpost.

I did a Google search on the adapter and didnt see any horror stories, so went ahead and ordered it. As far as I can tell, its a great deal and would give you WPA protection besides faster speed with 802.11g - 54mbps, than 802.11b. Check out one of earlier entries on how to protect your network using WPA

I will blog about how well it works after I install it and try it out.

One more thing, they are also selling a 200 GB harddisk with 5 year warranty for under $60 bucks. Go for it, while it is cheap. I plan to use it as my Network Attached Storage. (I once paid $100 for a 512 MB hard disk waaay back in 1998)

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