Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Why has my spam gone down suddenly?

Seems that since the past 4-5 days, I have been getting virtually no spam (except for an odd email). I made no changes either to my mailbox or to the mailserver settings. I do get all my other emails.

Why did the spam machines go quiet? Not that I am complaining, but it makes me wonder what happened? Has this something to do with Microsoft filing lawsuits agains 118 phishing sites? Donno.

Is it just me or you guys have also seen a reduction in the spam email?

By that you mean spam in general on any email service ? My gmail spam has gone down significantly. I used to recieve about 9 spam messages a day. Now its been down to 1 or 2 lately. But the spam level on yahoo seems to be the same.
I use my own email server for most of the time. So noticed the drop there. But even junk in my hotmail seems to be now at the 6-7 mails level, instead of the usual 20-25 a day level.
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