Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Free opensource antivirus for your personal computer

Do you have an antivirus installed on your personal computer? Is it upto date with the latest patches/updates? Did you renew your free subscription to the antivirus that came along free with your PC?

I bet, over 50% of the average home users dont have a antivirus to protect them from all the evils lurking out there. Security is not the number one priority in their list (does it even make it to the list?). They think that somehow, someone is going to solve this problem for them. It is 2005 and unfortunately the security situation is going from bad to worse. It is imperative to atleast get a decent antivirus for your personal computer. Even with the firewall that comes along with Windows XP SP2, you need an antivirus.

Some popular antivirus programs from companies like Norton or McAfee cost around $25 - $40. For those who feel that they have blue blood and shouldnt be asked to pay for an antivirus, there is a way out. Download and install the opensource antivirus toolkit called ClamAV. Its free and it works like a champ. I have been using it for over a year now on my linux server. No issues whatsoever.

You can download the windows version here.

Be safe.

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