Thursday, February 10, 2005

Vulnerability in Symantec antivirus

Normally I dont like to post these vulnerability/security announcements because these days they are just too damn many of them. But as this has to do with the Symantec antivirus itself, I am posting it onto my blog.

There was an issue in the Symantec antivirus that allowed a virus to execute while scanning it. The problem exists in how the scanning code handles a compression format known as the Ultimate Packer for Executables (UPX). An attacker could create a virus designed to exploit the UPX flaw and send it to victims through e-mail or host it on a Web site. They claim to have fixed it already (but I couldnt find a download link on their site). If you do run an Symantec (Norton) antivirus, do the wise thing and upate your copy immediately.

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