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How to increase size of your Hotmail account

Want to increase the size of your hotmail account from the measly 2MB to 25MB and then to 250MB? Well, just follow the steps as listed below. A couple of people have verified that this hack works. Its been tested to work only with existing hotmail accounts having 2MB storage.

Before you go ahead, let me tell you something: Dont whine if this doesnt work. You are doing it at your own risk. Also remember, curosity killed the cat.

To protect all your current emails don't forget to follow the instructions of Step #3

Before updating your Personal Profile in Options just take the snap shot of current settings using print screen, pasting the snapshot it in an MS-Word file and saving it for future reference. If you forget your password in future, hotmail may want your to enter the original profile details.

Also after changing the Personal Profile, again take the print screen of new personal settings and paste it in a new page of same MS-Word file, so in future if hotmail ask you to provide the personal details then you can provide it.

This method makes your Inbox 25MB in size first and then in a month or so, it is supposed to become 250MB. So here's the step-by-step procedure for ya folks:

Step #1
Sign in to your hotmail account and change your Personal Profile in the Options (its in top right corner) as following:

country : USA
state : Maryland
postal code : 21135
(choose another zip code if you want. - needless to say, you need to enter the zip code that belongs to the state you've chosen.

Step #2
Then get to the Language options and make it English.

Step #3
If you don't want to lose your Inbox emails, save your mails from Inbox to some temporary folder by following procedure. From your Mails view, click Put in folder. From the menu, choose New Folder. Create your new folder and go back to your Inbox. Select the emails that you do not lose and click Put in folder once more. Choose the folder you have just created and the emails you have chosen will be moved to that folder. You can move them to your Inbox again later by the same method.

Step #4
Before signing out, paste the link below into the address bar and click "Close my account". Thus your account will be deactivated. Remember its deactivated and gone for ever. All you have to do is deactivate it and activate it again immediately. Even the mails in your mailboxes other than Inbox will be as it is. Inbox mails are deleted when inactivated and hence I asked you all to save them in your new folder.

Step #5
Now visit the address again. Enter your username and password. The activation page will load. Activate your mail account.

Step #6
You're done ! Now your mail account capacity has grown to 25MB and in a month or so it will be 250MB. Enjoy your "enlarged" hotmail account! If you're in USA then the hotmail account size might grow to 250 MB directly.

A big shout to Bhavesh Patel for sending this tip!

it works but ur post is SO long.the inbox mails rn't deletd waise.
great tip dude !!!
thanks a lot
was wondering when they would update my account.
this really made my day :)
O ya.It does work.Or ateast it did for me.but I have a cousin who worksfor MSn security and he says the bug has beendetected ny microsoft and that the accountswill be reverted to their original 2mb about a month afterthe 250mb upgrade.
Hi Guys, It works, infact i tried a differt route i opened an all togather new account and they gave me 25 MB. I feel that a policy which they adopt i.e. for person with US address they give 25 MB space. They decide based on country and the zip code. So fill you ZIP codes and coutnry code well and Chug alond. Cheers!!
Today, It works to me. Thank you.
it truly works!
Great tip for increasing the hotmail account capacity....but plz try to shorten ur text in the web page it takes a long time to read and implement it...I guess this one is enough...

Login to your account
Go to Option
Click My Profile
Change Country to United States
Wait for browser to Load US Settings
Change state to Florida and Zip Code to 33332
Click Update
Click Continue

Go to Language and Make sure it is English. Paste this link in Same Browser :

Wait until the screen says "Your Hotmail account is closed and ready to be deleted."
Click Close Account.

Go Back to Login and relogin to ur Account
Just reactivate ur account.
No email will be deleted from ur account and now ur account size limit increase to 25MB.
It work buddy thanks a lot
Excellent, it works. Thanks a increased from 2mb to 25mb hoping for 250mb.Manjunath
tahts grrrrrrrrrrr88888888888888 tip this is revolutionized email acc hackin world
keep it up dude
n keeep on rollin
Good one yaar.....
people told me about it earlier but...everyone did not do the CLOSE A/c process...
thnx buddy..
Its not possible to update the profile now. I have been trying for the past one week
Grr, I too have been trying for a while now, but I simply can't change ANY option of my personal proile at all! I submit with "Save", but next time i check my settings, they're back to normal again. PLEASE, if anyone has a work-around for this, I'd be glad to hear from you ASAP. I'll check this forum, please comment here if you have a solution.
duh... its always easy to crack into Hotmail... if not this, then that way...

well if you guys can somehow sacrifice your e-mails in your hotmail account, simple follow all the steps above and close the account. Once you do that, just goto the create new account menu and re-register with your previous login but in the country, state & zip code write

United States

respectively and that should do it... the new account you create will have 250MB of storage..

ahsan :: BlackHats Corp. Pakistan
I can't change ANY option of my personal profile I submit with "Save", but next time i check my settings, they're back to normal again......... is it just me and matey above then? anyone know a way round this?
well its marvellous.. i got 25mb in just 5 min n i will get 250mb in sum dayz as well its simply fabulous
Yep...It definitely works!!! Thanks for the TIP :-)
Yap it works for me and i got 25mb and hopes 4 250mb thanks dude
Hi, Actually i tried EXACTLY the same way, but now the link to close the Account takes me to hotmail login page and shows me only 2M after i login :( am i doing something wrong. thanks.
I is working. I've got 25 Mb after the first login and 250 after the second login within 15 lminutes
That was a great work really i needed it thanks a lot for the work keep sharing things
It does work people who are not getting it right are not doing it right i had to show three of my coleages how because they did not know how and they tried but when i did it it wirked we all are on 250MB thanks so much for the tip!!
i did it a month agao it upgraded to 25 MB but it hasn't become 250 long will it take????
HEy...I dont think the 250 mb account is an exclusive facilty for the silly americans,..I am an Indian..with nationality "indian" in my hotmail account..and yet I have a 250mb account..does anyone have an idea about who gets a 250mb account and who doesn't? previous account also had a 250 MB storage capacity..[with nationality:Indian]
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