Saturday, January 15, 2005

Whiteboards near windows

I take the bus to work and have to walk for about 4 blocks to reach office. While returning back yesterday, I happened to look at a whiteboard inside a conference room through a glass window. From what I saw on the board, it was obvious that someone had drawn, very neatly, a diagram detailing how the network was organized for that company. Most of the little retangular blocks on that diagram, had their respective IP addresses written below.

It seemed that the meeting/workshop/demo/whatever that they had organized in that conference room was over and that they "forgot" to erase the contents of the whiteboard. Wouldnt it be easy for a hacker, who happens to passby that building, to jot down that network diagram or simply take a snap from his/her camera phone? If a hacker (more appropriately, a cracker) knows your network layout then half of his work has already been done.

I have seen numerous instances, where valuable information (IP addresses, passwords, phone numbers, names of co-workers) jotted down on whiteboards that are visible to pedestrians outside the building.

Listen fellas, its always a GOOD idea to erase that damn whiteboard once you are done using it. If you want to "save" contents of your whiteboard, atleast make sure that you close the window blinds.

Sometimes companies spend millions of dollars trying to protect their data in every conceivable technical way, only to lose it due to human stupidity.

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