Saturday, May 07, 2005

Passwords are passe

So when was the last time you changed your password? Maybe the company you work for requires you to change your work password every 60 or 90 days or something like that. They might have stricter rules about not reusing any of the previous 5-6 passwords or how they have to be alpha numeric with a special character blah blah.

But how about your personal passwords? Lets say your hotmail password. Did you *ever* change it since you created it? I have only changed my hotmail password once since I created my account in 1998. Thats not just me, that is a typical user behavior. There are a gazillion issues with passwords and managing them. Here are a few:
Its time the password became passe. We could use biometrics to start with. How about fingerprints?

Computer manufacturers need to ship keyboards and/or mice with inbuilt fingerprint scanners. Browsers like IE and Firefox should be able to scan your index finger and send it to a website whenever it asks for you to sign-up or sign-in. Ofcourse the whole process of sending across fingerprints should be encrypted end-to-end. Mobile phones need to be equipped with fingerprint scanners as well, that let you sign-in into your email account.

The password issue is going to become messier as we move ahead with putting stuff like videos, photos, blogs, music on the network. The network could be a home network or something like a file store online. Everything needs a password these days: phones, wireless routers, voicemail accounts, websites, TV's etc. Our reliance on digital stuff is increasing. We need to rely on the digit (aka finger ~ pun intended) to make the digitization of our lives simpler.

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