Saturday, February 19, 2005

Free long distance calls from your cellphone

Here is how you can make free unlimited long distance calls through your cellphone by using a mix of VOIP and the cheapest mobile-to-mobile unlimited calling plan. This assumes that you already have a cellphone to begin with.

1. Buy a second mobile phone. A cheap or used phone would suffice.
2. Change your existing cellphone plan to the cheapest possible. Add option to make unlimited mobile to mobile calls.
3. Add second mobile to your cell plan.
4. Get VOIP. Go with the cheapest provider that charges a flat monthly rate for unlimited calls.
5. Buy Sipura SPA-3000 (or something similar).
6. Buy Dock-n-Talk Cell Phone Station (or something similar).

Sipura SPA-3000 routes local calls from cell phones and land lines to a VoIP service provider. Dock-n-Talk Cell Phone Station allows you to dock your cell phone and use your normal corded or cordless phones to make and receive your cell phone calls.

Call routing:
You call from your existing cellphone to the 2nd cellphone. The 2nd cellphone is docked into the Dock-n-Talk, which inturn forwards the call to Sipura SPA 3000. Sipura SPA 3000 asks you for the target number. You punch-in the target number through your cellphone keypad (like you do for a calling card) and then it gets sent over through VOIP to the destination. Now because you have unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling plan, you dont pay a dime for the cell call - no airtime charges. Also, you pay a fixed monthly fee for the VOIP service. This model works for large volume of calls. The more long distance calls you make, the cheaper it gets.

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